Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Anybody remember what it was like to be in seventh grade? What a time that was. I remember spending a good part of that year giggling and making up songs with Christina (we were quite the composers in those days- brilliant and under-appreciated masterpieces about smelly feet and volleyball games.)

I went to a seventh grade girls' volleyball game last night. I had a funny, "too-bad-that-wasn't-on-film" moment: Arriving after the game had started, I made my way into the stands filled with enthusiatic parents. I recongized one of my kiddos serving- I didn't know she was on the team and watched her serve two rockets in a row (did we serve like that overhand at 13?!) Impressed with her awesome-ness, I proceeded to yell, much too loudly (as any good fan does), "GO, MEGAN!!!!" right before the ref was about to blow the "go-ahead-and-serve" whistle. Her head snapped over to the crowd and her look of complete shock and confusion was priceless. I guess no one ever cheers for this girl. Her mom is sweet, but very quiet. As the whistle blew, she completely WHIFFED the serve. The entire half of the stands in my line of sight then turned and glared at me as if I had just run out there and punched her in the head. One guy's expression as he made eye contact with me said "You idiot. If I could throw my Sonic smoothie at you right now, you'd better believe I would." I got a big kick out of this (guess I didn't totally grow out of the giggling phase), but I did apologize to Megan after the game and offer to go tell her coach it was my fault.

Do you guys remember what you were like at that age?


Jamie said...

How odd. I thought cheering was required at sporting events. Was she mad at you?

CoryJones said...

What I was like in 7th grade: 87 pounds, pants up over my waist, regularly wore white socks with dress shoes, was caught picking a HUGE booger in Mr. Baker's math class by a girl I had a crush on. Yeah, I was awesome.

Elisa said...

I was cut from the volleyball team AND basketball team in the seventh grade AND eighth grade, and our school had a "A" team AND a "B" team.. Sad times for me. But luckily I've grown into an athletic and coordinated person. Sort of. Or not. At all.

I love the songs you and Chris made up.

And I love the fact that you're now humiliating students without any effort. I'm with you and would have yelled out her name. It seems like the thing to do at a ball game. At least you got an entertaining story out of it. You're a good youth minister to go to see seventh grade girls' play volleyball.

Love you!

ABL said...

If memory serves me right- I was the coolest 7th grader I knew.

The Best Family said...

7th grade was when my hair was just deciding it wanted to be curly, so it was more like furry because I did not yet know how to handle it... Plus, I always drew much more attention to it with the HUGE bangs and the big bows I wore! And I think my legs were about twice the length of the rest of my body... gives me the giggles just picturing my self!

Christina said...

MMMmmm, let me think, 7th grade huh? I was the new kid at BJH and made my mark by winning 2nd place in the annual Halloween costume contest. My professinally homemade half man/half woman costume(including a fake mole on the woman's side of my face) was beat out by a store bought lame clown outfit. LAME-O!

p.s. Don't let Cory fool you with his "past tense verbs"... he hasn't changed a bit!

Jamie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MEL!!!! Hope your day has been great!!

Jaime said...

7th grade.....was that last year or the year before?

I am searching my memory banks for something....anything...nope. It appears that all recollection of that year has been wiped. How could that have happened?

P.S. God, bless the orthodontists of the world.