Thursday, September 21, 2006

Saltines and Quarantines

A joke for you: "What did the mayonnaise say to the refrigerator?".........

"Shut the door, I'm dressing!"

Bwah, ha ha. I was very sick the last 24 hours and that joke is one of the few lucid memories I have from reading a magazine during my quarantine to the couch.

Ever notice how some things sound great in theory, but once you experience them, you realize it wasn't all it's cracked up to be?

Take, for example, a sudden, contagious-though-not-life-threatening illness. Ok, so being sick isn't super-fun, but don't you ever think "Wouldn't it be nice if I was then forced to stay home and relax? No work, no cleaning, no errands, no cooking..." Well, in theory that sounds like it might have some perks, but in reality it STINKS. Being FORCED to stay home somehow takes the fun out of being there. And somehow Sprite and crackers don't add anything to the thrill.

Any other examples of things that you may build up in your head as greatness, only to find you were WAY off the mark?


Jamie said...

Sorry you feel bad. Hope it goes away soon.

It was a random Mel from the MySpace world. Complete stranger. Why? I obviously don't ever update my MySpace.

Christina said...

Actually I have an opposite time I heard about this game called hose head and I always wanted to play. Then one day when I was in college I played it with my roomie and it was way more fun than a person could ever hope or dream of...or even hope to dream of. :)

P.S. I got my flight info for the reunion. I get in Thursday night sometime- but I'll probably stay at Jenn's that night so I can play with my cutie pie niece if that's alright. What time do you want to head out on Friday?

Elisa said...

Poor Melanie! I'm sorry that you're sick. The taste of Sprite and crackers together is enough to make me sick now, since that was the standard diet when I was sick growing up. I think that there are a lot of disappointing things in life. But some of those things look better when you're looking back on them. Like Camp Cullen. Now I love stories from camp, but yikes what a summer at the time! Not that I think you'll look back feeling awful at home as a grand old time. Hang in there.

Elisa said...

Are you feeling any better this week?

The Best Family said...

so sorry you were sick... the best gang has the bug this week.... no fun at all!
and I am laughing out loud just picturing you guys playing hose heads... I have a picture of it somewhere... I didnt know yall very well yet and yall were playing in in the hallway at Nelson. I wasnt quite sure what I was getting myself into, but I gave you guys a shot... sure glad I did!

Jaime said...

Sorry you were sick!! I agree with you about how being home loses its luster when you have no choice!! Get better!

Jamie said...

I've never found a good stretch, so you can show me your miracle stretch at Homecoming. I don't think I've ever run for a long period of time (months not minutes) without my shins getting to me. I'll try the ice as well.