Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ah, the evening ritual-

(In repsonse to Elisa's most recent post.)
In a great effort to create some sort of routine for my days, I have been wrestling with the "evening ritual question" for a long time. My intentions: go to the gym before work so my evening will be wide open and I can slow-cook a casserole, thoughtfully chopping herbs while listening to "dance around the kitchen" music. My reality: when that alarm goes off in the morning, this seems like an absurd idea. The result: I go straight to the gym after work. My saving grace in this pattern is one essential, brilliant solution: THE SNACK.

THE SNACK, a favorite among the young and old alike, has evolved somewhat into a new staple for my energy, sanity, and in many ways, better nutrition and health. Eating a nourishing, high-protein snack (the protein component is essential) every few hours is key for me and my schedule- especially late in the afternoon (pre-workout) when you hit that slump and before you become so famished for dinner that you'd eat the rubber off the bottom of your crosstrainers.

Some current favorites of THE SNACK include:
An apple with peanut butter
String cheese and some blueberries
KASHI snack bars (especially the Chocolate Peanut)
Almonds and a banana
Smoothies (Yogurt&Fruit)
A whole wheat english muffin w/ turkey

As I look at those options, I am fully aware they don't sound as tempting as ice cream and Snickers, but I keep them around and have found that I have more sustained energy, and don't get those hunger pangs late in the day. I am on Week 5 of this method, and have noticed such a difference. Highly recommend it!! Who doesn't like snack time?


Elisa said...

I like snack time! I'll take the apple with peanut butter. I'm a bit suprised that "meat patties" isn't on your list of favorites. You could have a pre-cooked meat patty, melt a little cheese on top via the microwave and be good to go. Just kidding. I like tryiing to gross you out with the foods of my upbringing. What kinds of things do you do at the gym? Are you still marathon training?

Jaime said...

Mellie!!! I am so glad to see you are a Blogger! What fun! Welcome! Jamie and I have a hotel for homecoming and we have space if you wanna join in! I am so excited! I can't wait to see everybody! Hugs!

ABLewis said...

you know, snack time is one of the most useful things the "ABs diet" taught us. even Ricky has to pack his snacks for the day. I love almonds w/ rasins.

Jamie said...

Fruit and protein combos are my favorite snack choices. Running before work is my favorite option because it does open up the weekend. But now I'm going to the gym after work, so I'm just tired. :-)

There will be some sort of prize for the department that has the highest percentage of weight loss.

The Best Family said...

my only issue with 'the snack' is that I inevitably have to share it with little 'others'... and when you split your snack size portion 4 ways, it becomes a bite instead. And seriously, when I give my kids an afternoon snack, they do not eat a very good dinner. I sound so old to say, "no, you cant have that... you will ruin your dinner... " but it is true! I guess I am gettin old! :-(

Christina said...

Well I have to be honest Mel- your snack options sound a little LAME to me!! :) I much prefer these choices-
2 large handfuls of peanut M&M's
3 large handfuls of almond M&M's
1 entire bag of nutter butter
bites dipped in nutella
Half a tube of pillsbury chocolate
chip cookie dough (in baked or
dough form)
Leftover pizza

Now that's good eating!

Jamie said...

Mel, I don't use my MySpace account for anything other than commenting on people's MySpace pages. The only thing on my page directs people to my blog. Thanks for asking to be my friend though!