Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Worms and Record Labels

Yesterday I was almost attacked by a mutant earthworm. In moments like these you re-discover that "girly squeal" that apparently we never completely grow out of. Despite my near-death experience, I have to say that I absolutely LOVE having my own backyard. It is heavenly. It has become the place that I unwind, pray, and just try and BE STILL for a moment. Do you guys have places like this in your homes?

In other breaking news, earthworms aside, my amazing cousin has a debut album being released in a couple weeks and you'll be able to stroll into a music aisle near you and find it sittin on a shelf. Pretty cool... for many reasons. To name a few: 1) he's very talented 2) he's only 17 3) I've heard there is a shortage of indi-emo-rock artists in the world 4) God has worked in this guy's life in an AMAZING way. What a story! Here's just a glimpse of where he's been:

About 4 years ago my cousin and his family (my aunt, uncle, and his older sister) were on vacation in Colorado. As they were hiking around a mountain, my uncle started to feel ill and lay down on a bench. He stopped breathing and died right there in front of his wife and kids. Not surprisingly, this sent my cousin (then about 12 years old) into a very dark time in his life. He withdrew and fell into a severe drug habit, ultimately leading to an extended period of rehab- and a fierce battle with depression. God met him in the valley, however, and has slowly helped him to a peak- where he is thriving in his passion for music. And now there are teens around the WORLD who watch him closely and are influnced by his heart and his life. Praise God!

Sometimes I just picture myself with my jaw dropped before the Lord, completely in awe of all He does. I think my eyes might just pop right out of my head when I see Him face to face someday. Maybe with my new spiritual body I'll be able to pop them back in. Ok, that's a little gross. Sorry. (But not sorry enough to delete it. Ha!)