Thursday, August 23, 2007

Random summer moments with the family

I mentioned in my last post that my Colorado trip was too amazing for words. Here's just a couple visuals to help explain why. This first one is Brad and me on Trail Ridge Road in the National Park. So incredible!

This one is my stud brother posing for an Abercrombie modeling gig he's workin on.

This was the beginning of our 6 hour mountain climb. The whole group made it up (my brother and Lauren (his gf), my dad, my sister, and brother-in-law, me and Brad. It was quite an accomplishment!)

I was at my parents' house a couple weeks ago and my nephew was learning to ride his bike without training wheels. It was so much fun to watch. The picture below is him "testing" his helmet on the driveway to see if it works.

And this pic doesn't even do justice capturing the extreme cute-ness that is my youngest niece, Maegan.

I didn't really have anything much to say in this post except brag about how precious my family is. Feel free to comment on how much you like them, too. Ha ha.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Catch up

My kiddos in a "mud" pit (more like "rocky water" pit, but still so fun)

Summer is pretty much over (in terms of scheduling, that is, NOT in terms of weather unfortunately.) I haven't been blogging because... well, is it possible to be really busy and really lazy at the same time? If so, that's my excuse. So here's a couple very pivitol things that have happened to me lately just so you can catch up on my life:

1) I went to Colorado this summer to one of my all-time favorite places EVER. Rocky Mountain National Park rocks my socks off (as my JH kiddos would say.) There were 8 of us in a 2- bedroom cabin with one bathroom. It was too fun to suffciently describe in this post.

2) I started learning about china this last week (the plate kind, not the country.) I don't know much about either kind of china come to find out. Question: You married peeps, did you register for China? Why or why not? Would you do something different if you had the chance? I feel kinda like an old woman talking about stuff like this.
3) A couple weeks ago I was edging my lawn and my weed eater caught on fire. I wish that I had this on video so I could add the visual to this post. Needless to say, it didn't work so well after that, and the scene of me standing in my driveway with flames and smoke coming out of it was priceless.

You're pretty much up to speed on my life now. It's hard to believe I could fit so many significant events in one post, I know. More to come!! :)