Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Countdown...

We officially have FIVE days until the ETA for Baby H.... (who, by the way, FINALLY has a name!! "Grady Cole Henderson." Good thing he wasn't early or his birth certificate might have said "Baby H.") If he doesn't make his grand debut by then, we have an induction scheduled for Wednesday morning the 22nd!

It STILL does not seem real that we'll be meeting this little blessing so soon and I still just don't feel "pregnant enough" to be that close to the end- I expected to feel pretty miserable by this point, but I feel so good I'm not in a hurry to evict this little guy!

So, in honor of the 5-day mark, here's my Top Five Memories looking back over the last 9 months...

1. Seeing that "plus" sign in the little window one random Tuesday morning in February. I can't believe I didn't pass out and I am even more amazed that I actually made it to work and managed to function at ALL that day.

2. Telling Brad the news two days later on Valentine's Day. His face was priceless and I was shaking like a leaf. We celebrated by going to eat at Planet Burrito and I know our jaws were hanging open for most of the evening- Brad describes the whole evening as "kind of a blur."

3. The first ultrasound and the moment we saw the little life that was growing inside me. We were speechless when we saw the hearbeat and little fluttering kicks on the screen. We'll never forget the overwhelming sense of relief knowing that everything looked good and the baby was growing healthy.

4. The second ultrasound and finding out we were having a boy! That was by far the most fun doctor's visit and we loved having our family there for the big "reveal!" I couldn't peel my eyes off the screen as the doctor looked closely and explained all the ways our baby was growing healthy and strong.

5. The way God has blessed our marriage over these last 9 months. With only 11 months of marriage behind us, we have learned so much about each other and I can honestly say EVERY DAY has been better than the last. It has been so easy to love Brad and this pregnancy has showed us a great deal about priorities, God's sovereignty, and the unexpected in life.
*** We continue to pray for a safe delivery and for whatever it is that comes afterwards (something called parenthood, I believe?) We know our adventure is just beginning and as always appreciate the support and prayers from everyone!