Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Anti-Melanie

So, I made a momumental discovery last night. I have found her. The person who is my exact opposite- the person who I could NOT be more different from in the way we think, talk, communicate, process, and basically exist. She is an amazing woman- the kind of person I love to have around because she loves to do the things I hate to do. She actually finds great JOY in the intricate details and administrative tasks that send me into fits of yawns. This amazing discovery hit me last night as she requested to have a meeting with me about a meeting. And meet we did. And no detail was left untouched. I tend to overlook details because I get bored or distracted.

It's funny how seeing differences in others can shed light on things about yourself. I love comparing communication and personality styles. The Myers-Brigg is one of my favorite tools in counseling because it's one of the most fun tools and people always get a kick out of looking at how differently individuals think and process. Most of you have probably taken some version of this. Do you know your letters? I'd be interested to know.


Elisa said...

Well, not being a details person myself, I didn't remember my letters, though we did do this stuff in pre-marital counseling. So I asked Ryan, and he thinks that I was very close between E&I, N, F, and very close between J&P but technically a J. Are you shocked?

Meetings about meetings or meetings about fax machines or other office equipment are two banes of my existence. I guess at least that shows I don't have a terribly difficult life at present, but they still drive me crazy.

Christina said...

When I took the test in highschool I was an ENFP- then later in college I took it again and was an ESFJ. I think the latter is my true results; I'm less of a dreamer and more of an analyst. We took the test in a psychlogy class at ACU and the teacher had handouts for us describign our results and I remember reading mine and thinking that's exactly me!!

Jamie said...

I don't remember what I am, but in whatever personality test I take, I am a combination of the two extremes. There is the detail-oriented part of me that analyzes why gas prices fluctuate so much from market to market, and the girl that arrives in Athens by herself without a place to stay. There is the girl who is so shy around people she doesn't know, but doesn't shut up when she's with her friends. What does that say about me that my personality is made up of conflicting elements?

Wishing Wells said...

I know I took that test, but I don't know the exact letters.

When I met my first roommate in college (Darby) we had a career class where we took lots of interest surveys. In every one there was a range of 4-5 possible answers. And in every test if I answered a 1, she answered a 5 and vice versa. There were only two questions where we were both "no opinion" (a 3).

We are still good friends and yet still VERY different.

The Best Family said...

cant remember my exact letters, but I was the one that was an excitable, emotional loud, fun-loving, hilariously funny, crazy mess!

CoryJones said...

My personality letters are A-W-E-S-O-M-E. It's a very rare personality form that brings together the greatest possible qualities in a human being, while simultaneously eliminating anything that could construed as annoying. It's pretty sweet, really.