Monday, October 16, 2006


Seems like a loaded word to me at the moment: REMEMBER. Hundreds of times a day we tell ourselves to "remember something," from remembering to take the sheets out of the dryer or set the Tivo. REMEMBER to smile. REMEMBER to go to the bank. REMEMBER to call your mom. I send these little reminders to remember to myself constantly. (And yet still manage to lose more of those mental sticky notes than I seem to retain.)

I did a lot of remembering this last weekend. I remembered what it felt like to be 18 and going off on my college adventure. I remembered the emotional connection I felt with the stretch of sidewalk between the campus center and Moody Colliseum. I remembered that stupid grin you give "the GATA next to ya" when you sing about why all the girls on campus are guy-less. But mostly, I remembered the role so many people have played in my so-sweetly blessed life.

So, in no certain order, here are a few highlights I "remember" from my wonderful weekend of remembering.

1. Summer tearing up when she came into breakfast.
2. Seeing the Bible Building and tower outline in the skyline as we drove into town.
3. Seeing Titus and Korben together in matching pj's. So cute.
4. Christina still taking up the whole bed- even tho it was a king size. Ha ha.
5. Titus smiling so big at me that his eyes disappear.
6. Summer tearing up at The Lord Bless You and Keep You.
7. Eating at Rosa's with so many old friends!! It was so great to see everyone. And Rosas rocks.
8. Singing around the fountain.
9. Remembering Olive Garden dinners and late-night Sonic runs.
10. Summer tearing up when we said goodbye. (Precious every time, Summer.)

In the middle of all this remembering, I thought about how we struggle sometimes to really remember just what Christ did for us. A strong sense of "remembrance" includes more than just a mental picture- it's encompassing of all your senses to your very soul. And I think that's one reason we all feel such a strong "soul connection" with ACU and the people there: Because Christ moved in all our lives so evidently in those years, and that is one of the sweetest memories a person could have.


The Best Family said...

precious post.... and yes, I am tearing up at my computer right now!

ABLewis said...

me, too, summer. thanks a lot mel! Seriously, though, it was great. I have so many "remembers" that include you at ACU (and after)- thanks for sharing a few of yours.

Elisabeth Goldwater said...

Melanie- I am trying a post on a blog for the first time!! I'm looking at all these blogs and I think I need to get one too. Let's see if this works! I wanted to comment on your house-buying, but that was yesterday's post. Whoops! I bought a house this last year and I love it! When I calculated out the cost of rent vs. mortgage- it is a MUCH better investment to buy. But it is so overwhelming when you do it. I'll give you moral support during your house-buying process!!

Jamie said...

What a thoughtful post! And very true.

Katie Wells said...

You are a very good writer.=)

It was so wonderful seeing you this past weeked.

Please e-mail me at

Elisa said...

I feel like I was there from your sweet post and everyone's photos. And the comments. Elisabeth Goldwater definitely should get a blog and so should Katie.

Love you, Mel, and I appreciate your ability to remind us of how Christ is present in our lives.