Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The smell of new carpet...

You know that feeling when you walk on velvety-soft sand in your bare feet? Well, my new carpet isn't quite that nice, but is a considerable step up from the well-worn and rather stained former carpet that I happily saw ripped up a couple weeks ago. It's amazing how lovely, new carpet can make a whole house seem so clean and fresh. I occasionally sprawl out on it and enjoy not wondering about the origin of that mysterious yellow stain from the previous home owners. I think we also felt better about plopping a new little human life down on a fresh canvas. All for the peace of mind... oh, and because it looks pretty. :)

Aside from smelling my new carpet, my days are spent (already!) wrapping up the summer here in the next couple weeks- although you wouldn't guess that from the consistent 100+ temps lately. (Yuck. Bun in the oven + walking around in an oven = very high electric bills. TXU, you're welcome.)

Here is the family pic from our "Homecation 2008." Please note how adorable my grandad and his girlfriend are- and yes, that is my parents' dog in a t-shirt.

AND- camp was greatness. It was a special week for our kiddos and I LOVED the incredible times of worship. (Although I did get attacked there by a 2-lb chihuahua that tripped me while I was running- I almost crushed his little body into pieces but saved him by dive-rolling into the mud. He thanked me by trying to bite my neck.)


ABL said...

And those kids love you, too!

I love the picture of your family. I looked through all of them on facebook.

Chad & Jennifer said...

Great pics! Grandparents are the cutest and dogs that are part of the family are very special as well. I am having a hard time seeing the pregnant belly in the small pic, though. Maybe I'll have to check out facebook like ABL suggested! :)

Elisa said...

I like the thought of a pregnant Melanie rolling around on her new carpet in bliss. Very amusing. :)

Chihuahuas aren't know for being very gracious, but I think the neck bite is taking it a little far. Maybe he heard about your dog's t-shirt and felt a little jealous?

Love the picture and miss you.

Kelly Sessions said...


So neat to see your blog...I ran across it through some church people's blog...Good to see you are doing well!!

Rhoda said...

People should read this.