Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Starts with a "B"

Last week my five-year-old niece got a birthday card in the mail that said:

What starts with "B," ends with an "R," and has two "E's" in the middle?

(Open card): "BIRTHDAY CHEER!"

So... it is assumed that the sweet sender of the above card (my niece's Bible class teacher), upon seeing the cute little bear on the front, sent this without realizing what it said. Since both the sender (an older lady) and the recipient (a five-year-old) were oblivious to the hidden message, it was up to my clever sister to catch this and point it out to the rest of us. I told her it needs to go in my niece's scrapbook- (you scrap-bookers know there are stickers for EVERYTHING. I'm thinkin little Budweiser di-cuts?) Kidding. Kind of.

So here's a totally unrelated question for the day: What is your favorite stress-relieving activity? What's that self-indulgent thing or activity that always makes you feel like a million bucks? I would like to collect all your ideas, then try them all in a "Day of Extreme Spoiling" for myself sometime. So don't let me down.


Rachel said...

The most self-indulgent thing is what I learned from you...pedicures.

Elisa said...

You always have the best stories. Brilliant scrapbooking idea!

Put eating lots of dark chocolate on your list.

The Best Family said...

that is hilarious! Micah is learnign to read, and sometimes he mixes up his "b"s and his "d"s, so the other day, he read "Hey, boob" Rather than "Hey, dude" I laughed out loud and hurt his feelings!
Self-indulging.... I am a pedicure fan, too! And a bubble bath with a magazine that I dont normally have time to read.

Christina said...

I had to read the Beer story twice to get it because in my head I had translated it to say BEAR...which reminded me of that time we tried to show your dad that snap trick and I kept saying "A-plee what's a-plee??!!!? Instead of apple."

Anyways my favorite indulgence in going clothes shopping, I can't help it I love it.