Monday, November 06, 2006

Ever been referred to as a "filly?"

Why is it that sometimes the most ridiculous songs get my feet tapping and have me singing along until I realize the stupid lyrics I'm rockin' out to in my car? Ok, so it's difficult to to assign the term "rockin' out" to country music. I admit to liking country music. But only some of it. And only sometimes.

I found myself cranking up the volume on a song yesterday and feeling my mood lighten the way it does when you hear a particularly fun and favorite song on the radio- except I've only heard this song a few times and here's what I was singing:

I gotta go before she runs like a fast little filly
She's a five alarm fire, a hot bowl of chilli
An' she's burnin' a hole in this hillbilly
An' I can't let her get away
I gotta say somethin' kinda funny, just a little bit crazy
That'll make her want to think about bein' my baby...

A HOT BOWL OF CHILI? You've got to be kidding me. Yet... I find myself humming along and loving this song even as I'm typing these dumb phrases. How does that happen?

Now, there is a line that must be drawn on the stupidity. So don't even get me started on how much I can't stand the "Two Pink Lines" song. Anyone know what I'm referring to? It's so awful I laugh out of sheer horror every time I hear it- I simply can NOT believe they even play that song on the radio, much less that it's a HIT.

Any stupid lyrics in your head that you have a hard time admitting? If so, why not confess it and entertain us all on the world wide web.


Elisa said...

Do the words "honkey tonk badonkadonk" mean anything to you? The first time I heard about that song was at work during a lunch/lecture. The feminist (who was male) speaker was talking about how sad that song is because it is indicative of the way society reduces a woman to the size of her bottom, which I admit is a bad thing, but I had to control myself to keep from laughing when I heard him so seriously pronouncing that phrase. Then I actually heard the tune, and although I know it's a Neanderthal
song, I have admit I found myself singing it later and it still pops in my mind from time to time. It's so catchy. And I'm so ashamed.

I'm just impressed that the writers of your song managed to find enough words that rhymed with hillbilly to make a hit. What is up with country music's obsession with rhyming everything? That's really only clever on the Princess Bride.

Christina said...

Are you kidding me? I love love love that song!!! It come on yesterday on my way from work and I rolled down the windows and blasted it. In fact I'm trying to find out the title so I can buy it from I Tunes. And secretly I also enjoy the eloquent ballad "honky tonk badonkadonk." Ryhme or no rhyme I'm a sucker for country music...busic..lusic...cusick. :)

Jaime said...

Probably he means so harm...He's really very short on charm....Fezzik, you have a great gift for rhyme...yes, yes, some of the time. No more rhymes now I mean it! Any body want a peanut?

(I couldn't resist!!)

Christina said...

Alright serioudly does anyone know the name of the song Mel is referring to- or the singer. I've been trying for 30 minutes to downlaod it with no luck. Argh!!

Melanie said...

Chris, please tell me you are referring to the "Get Outta My Way" song and not the "Two Pink Lines" song.

Christina said...

Of course it's "Get outta my way." Of all the four legged animals someone might call me, I much prefer filly. (Especially when considering some alternatives cow, heifer, dog etc.) Thanks for the title. I succesfully found it on I-tunes along with the soundtrack to Wicked. Defying Gravity is playing as I type!!