Monday, December 08, 2008

One Year

So much can happen in one short year! Brad and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary this weekend and we can not believe how the last twelve months have just flown by. It has been an amazing year and I couldn't be happier than I am every moment I get to spend with Brad. I fall more in love with him every day. What a great adventure.

As we celebrated our first year of marriage, we laughed and laughed about God's sweet timing and the way He can bless us in such unexpected ways. We would have never believed that we would have a 7-week-old on our first anniversary (we had to get a babysitter- thank you, Aunt Suzanna!!) and would you believe we had baby pictures BEFORE our wedding pictures? Life is pretty amazing... and wonderfully unpredicatable sometimes. (We have also been nervously laughed about what surprises next year may hold!)


Jaime said...

Happy Anniversary Mel!!! Hooray!! What a year for you! I am glad for all your blessings! And I am so excited to hear about Grady! I can't wait to see more pics! Keep 'em coming! And Congratulations for both!

Rebecca said...

I can't believe all that you guys have done in the first year. I mean, a trip to Italy AND a baby! Congrats on the first year. I hope each year gets better and better.

Chad and Jennifer said... guys better hold on tight. I think God's going to take you on some wild rides. :) Whenever you think it can't get better, it somehow does. I LOVE that beach picture of you guys. So artsy and cute!

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